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MediTEX IVF Lab Softwares
MediTEX offers more than just good software. Right from professional consulting and training that allow you to use the system efficiently on a short period of time as well as updates that meet the changing and increasing requirements of the health care industry.
Features of the Database
Patient Management-Cryo Management
Electronic patient record
Statystical Analysis
Clear Structured Graphic Charts( Increases patient trust and satisfaction)
Co-ordination and synchronization of data from different sources
Easy Access to all patient file information
Flexible software according to user requirements
Developed using a modular concept
Computerized database to collect clinical-therapeutic data
Provides data for local or central analyses
Powerful tool for Quality Management and Quality Assurance
The Data Management complies with and exceeds general quality standards
Documentation of Medical History, Diagnostics and Therapy on the highest level
Additional functions and improvements can be integrated individually and installed immediately in the form of updates
An automatic validity check is carried out while entering data
Automatisms has also been reduced to support a proactive Quality Management
Professional analyses via Report Editor: Lists and Reports by using a modern SQL platform gives various options for creation of Analyses ,Work Lists, Letters and Data Exchange
The MediTEX IVF Software is the right solution for you and your organization to document patient information at all times of a particular cycle. And we support you right from its installation to launch, from training to providing you customized upgrades.
MediTEX IVF offers…
…individual identification and tracking of each egg cell and sperm sample
An important prerequisite for clinical documentation with respect to information about each cell and sperm sample can be easily tracked
…individual medical history
You can now add patients individually and data such as Medical History, Examinations and Laboratory Diagnostics can be documented easily
…graphical views of important procedures
Each cell right from it's development stage to planned clinical measures can be conveniently viewed via Graphical Implementation .Not only this you can also see all of your Therapy Data at a glance
If you would like more information or would like a product specialist to visit you for a demo, please send us a mail with your name, center and contact details or you can register with us online so that we can take this forward.
Trusty IVF Witnessing
The need for witnessing in IVF is many fold and up to 30 witnessing steps may be required for any one cycle. Patient identification is essential before any procedure (such as oocyte recovery and embryo transfer).  Whenever gametes are moved or mixed, or embryos transferred, all consumables must have matching labels.

For this data matching technology has now arrived for the IVF industry. Computers read data in a different way where numbers are bar-coded and a series of labels are printed. Every tuber, consumable, lab note, patient histories are tracked using this barcode.
Secured IVF Witnessing system to record data from samples
Tracking of step-by-step aspect of the process using a unique barcode
Versatile & flexible to use across vast scanning requirements
We invite you to download a free trial version so you can see how trusty works. You can go to and select the trusty tab. If you would like some assistance in the set-up and operation of trusty feel free to contact us.
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